Real Talk Training

The Real Talk Training (RTT) is an experience that can forever change the way you relate to people. You will learn foundational coaching skills in this seminar that will empower you to begin a new journey simply through conversations. We can leverage the power of conversations to impact people in transformational ways. RTT is a LifeForming experience that will open new doors of opportunity to improve your personal effectiveness at home and work.

Real Talk Training

In this seminar you will be introduced to some powerful skills that leadership and life coaches use to create break through conversations. This seminar provides interactive training that will move your relationships forward. You will learn how to understand the deeper meaning behind words and learn how to listen more effectively and ask powerful question. You are going to see your world of relationships from a new vantage point.

Real Talk Deliverables

  1. Leaders, Workers, Staff, Parents experience the transformational difference between asking rather than telling.
  2. Experientially understand the power of the key coaching conversation skills of listening, asking, giving feedback, and reflecting.
  3. Foster ongoing learning, with the support, encouragement, and accountability, of a learning community over the next weeks.