Training For Organizations

[]One of our primary objectives at Lifeforming is to partner with other organizations who want to integrate coaching into their leadership culture. If you want to develop managers as coaches, bring coaching skills to your staff or just let the coaching mindset penetrate your corporate culture, Lifeforming can help. We offer five formats to bring coaching to organizations:

Level 1: Training Events
Lifeforming offers a variety of workshops and coach training events designed to familiarize people with coaching and begin training them to "think like a coach."

Level 2: The RTT Program
Real Talk Training is the key one day fast pace interactive workshop that provides the skills for managers and organizational leaders to bring out the best of their workers and staff.

Level 3: The ACT Program
The Accelerated Coach Training Program can get a group of your leaders coaching in only 9 weeks, plus provides 6 weeks of ongoing support while they coach. This intensive program offers 50 training hours and lots of contact time with a certified coach trainer, all in an accessible format and at an affordable price, making it perfect for training a group of your team leaders or staff.

Level 4: Professional Coach Training
Professional certification is a great solution for your key staff or coaching program leaders. Lifeforming offers the premiere professional coach training program available for professional certification. Our three-course professional program is highly relational and experiential, and includes 40 weeks of one-on-one coaching with a Lifeforming certified coach trainer.

Level 5: Coach Trainer
Certify at least one individual in your organization as a Lifeforming Coach Trainer (level 4 coaches need only one additional course), and you'll have a trainer who can run the full gamut of our training programs in house. You'll be able to train and certify your own coaches, plus you'll receive the benefits of ongoing, free trainer's support tele-class sessions and other trainer-only resources.

Maybe the best thing about our programs for organizations is that you can easily upgrade from one training level to another. For instance, an individual who has been through the level 3 ACT program can qualify to enter our level 4 professional training program at the second course. It’s an integrated program that lets each individual seek the level of training they want.