History of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

In 1999 Transformational Leadership Coaching was formed as an U.S. "S" corporation for the expressed purpose of bringing the best of coach training into organizations and their key personnel. It now also houses a non-profit version that seeks grants for research, scholarship, and academic programs world-wide. After a research sabbatical on future of leadership and executive training in these realms, Dr. Joseph Umidi, Professor of Leadership at Regent University, formed a team to design and test a system that would accelerate leadership development utilizing the unique values and methods of leadership coaching.

The impact of this system, called Transformational Leadership Coaching, became the most popular graduate level courses in the history of Regent University, involving faculty, administrators, and students from several disciplines including business, leadership, education, communication, legal, and non-profit.

Over the next five years this curriculum and training system was refined over several versions, translated ongoing into ten languages, and became established in several international training centers, organizations, and schools world-wide. At present, TLC has professionally certified 1,000 coaches and at industry level standards. Over 100 coach trainers world wide bring coach training strategies into various market niches that shape the culture on these organizations with resulting competencies that maximize creativity, productivity, and community in the workplace.

Beginning in 2006, TLC restructured the organization to prepare for major alliances and partnerships with established companies and organizations world-wide. By the end of 2006 TLC has developed new web sites and the branded name Lifeforming. Logos, curriculum, training resources, and marketing materials that will expand their operations through their several world-wide offices in Asia, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the United States. Lifeforming has become the innovative leader in the field of coach training and placement.

Lifeforming launched 2007 with the credibility of collaboratively designing "private label" training designs for an expanding group of worldwide organizations.

These included the 100+ Millennium/Copthorne Hotel group with over 7,000 employees in training, World Vision leadership teams in each of the South Asia countries they serve, government social workers groups, school principal organizations, humanitarian and faith based groups, and numerous emerging partnerships in various stages of completion.

From 2007 to present, Lifeforming trained hundreds of accelerated growth coaches who added the power of coaching conversations to their management and supervision portfolio. Many of these went on to become professional coaches who launched indigenous coach training in their organizations or networks without the need for outsourcing. This resulted in a coaching movement that has shaped the quality of leadership culture worldwide; resulting in personal, family, organizational, and community transformation in and through the workplace.

Now from 2010 and beyond, Lifeforming is establishing licensed partnerships in cities and countries to offer training and coach services without the need for travel expenses. This includes new uses of Internet technology that is approaching the impact of face-to-face training. In addition, Lifeforming is in business alliances with several key groups that are able to generate community and cultural transformation in workplace and neighborhood environments that have not responded to traditional approaches to sustainable change.