Why Coaching Works

Learning for Leaders

[]Coaching works because it is a method of learning and doing that is built on sound adult-education principles. Research has found (and common sense confirms) that adult leaders learn best when they are motivated by a real life challenge. The leader finds or generates the ideas needed to address the challenge, tries out the solution in a real situation, and gets immediate feedback on what worked and what didn't.

Optimal learning for adults is self-motivated and self-directed, and has immediate practical application. The individualized nature of coaching fits those needs like a glove. The client chooses the area that he or she is motivated to work on, and then the coach supports the process of discovering solutions and putting them into practice. The coaching relationship strengthens and supports this natural learning process and promotes maximum growth.


Putting what we hear into action is like building on solid rock. Too often, we're beach builders, building on the sand—we have all the ideas and information we need to live a powerful life, but somehow we've never gotten around to putting it into practice.

The coach's task is to help us do what we've learned, and learn through what we do. That's how the whole Lifeforming coach training system is designed—whenever there is input or new information, it is immediately followed by actions that help you apply it. That's because we believe in building on solid rock.

Maximizing Growth

The coach's task is not to give advice or foster dependence, but to build leaders who know how to go out and get the resources and relationships they need for growth. Great coaches don't teach: they help you learn, and help you learn to learn. That's an investment that can pay off for your whole life!

Why Become a Coach?

While some go on to become full-time coaches, most individuals who enter coach training want coaching skills to use in their current position. Coaching is such a fast-growing profession precisely because it connects with the real needs of today's leaders. Here are some ways you might benefit from professional coach training:

  • Improve skills in communication, conflict management, leadership development and more.
  • Learn a proven, replicable way to build leadership character.
  • Make a quantum leap in your ability to develop a team and keep it performing at a high level.
  • Connect with the younger generation, who love the focus on relationship, authenticity and experiential learning.

Lifeforming offers training for individuals who wish to become coaches, as well as special services to organizations that want to begin an internal coaching or coach training program. Explore bringing coaching to your whole organization or explore individual coach training.