Accelerated Coach Training Program

Many organizations want to provide coach training for leaders who will coach a few others or coach on a volunteer basis. Lifeforming's new Accelerated Coach Training (ACT) Program was designed for situations where serious coach training is needed but a full professional training program is too much.

The ACT program uses exercises, role plays and coaching in an accessible time frame. We'll come on-site to train a group of your leaders (this program is only offered to groups), and we'll have them coaching in only nine weeks. Each individual gets four sessions with a professional coach, a great relationship with a peer partner and a 100-page color coaching manual filled with useful resources.

Program Objectives

[]The ACT Program is an accelerated training program designed for leaders who want to coach a few others at a time, usually in a volunteer capacity or within an organization where staff improvements are desired by management. The accelerated format provides the basics of coaching and gets people started coaching early in the program. Therefore the ACT provides a significant level of on-hands type coach training in the accelerated highly concentrated course. In addition an upgrade can be taken by the participant after completing the ACT Program which provides the patching necessary for equivalency to the Formation track and thus allows the participant to obtain credit for the first of three tracks needed to become a Lifeforming Leadership Coaching certified coach.

Training Overview

The ACT program focuses on the change tools, values and relational skills needed for excellent coaching. Topics we'll cover include:

  • Building authentic relationships
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Intuitive listening
  • Providing healthy, empowering support and accountability
  • The core coaching values and learning paradigm

The program kicks off with a day-long interactive workshop (which can also be open to the public), follows with 8 weeks of peer practice sessions, tele-classes, and life application exercises, then wraps up with a second interactive workshop. The first phase takes less than 3 hours per week. The second phase includes being coached and getting feedback on your own coaching from a professional coach, as well as 3 weeks of additional peer coaching. This second phase is designed to minimize the impact on your schedule, and takes only an hour or so a week.

The ACT program is offered by Lifeforming trainers around the world.