About Lifeforming Coaching

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an international coaching movement, train and certify leadership coaches in a systematic way which transforms their own lives and equips them to replicate leadership, character, and competence in those they walk with.

Birthing a Coaching Movement

Our dream is to help birth an international coaching movement, a movement that raises up legions of world-changing leaders with competence and character.

Lifeforming's goal is to build a worldwide network of coaches, working with leaders in their own countries in their own languages. We believe great worldwide impact can be achieved by developing great leaders, and that that happens by making available the best in leadership training.

Dr. Joseph Umidi

Dr Joseph UmidiJoseph's lifelong commitment to raising up leaders finds expression everywhere from his ongoing commitment to young people to overseeing organizations and coaching leaders. As the vision bearer for LFC, he hungers to see leaders develop the authentic relationships they need to run the race and finish well, and enjoys traveling internationally to promote coaching worldwide. Joseph is the Founder and Director of Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.

He has served on the board of several organizations. He has also authored books on coach training. His organizational coaching structures have been utilized by many organizations and he travels the world to promote and speak on coaching and coach training. Joseph and his wife work extensively with non profit groups to help underdeveloped and under privileged around the world. This speaks to Joseph's heart which is to be an enabler and a catalyst in people's lives, allowing them to be all that they can be. He believes that coaching and coach training are the best ways to achieve these goals in people's lives.

Lifeforming Coaches

The Lifeforming trainer that walks with you through the certification process is someone we've hand picked to carry our values and the Lifeforming relational DNA. They have years of experience, often with extensive background in leadership development and professional training as coaches.


Lifeforming coaching is a training experience designed to provide the practical skills and formation you need to succeed as a leader and a coach. It will probably be unlike any training you've ever experienced. Instead of simply reading or hearing about coaching skills, you'll meet every week with a personal coach or your peer to practice, role play, and get feedback on your progress. Whenever a new concept is presented, you'll get a chance to actually try it out, often in your own leadership sphere. Periodically, you'll meet with a larger group of fellow trainees for intensive practice in listening, asking questions, and other core coaching skills.

Here are some other distinct characteristics of Lifeforming training:

Designed from the ground up with a solidly-grounded value set and worldview, Lifeforming has adapted the best that the business world has to offer to develop the heart of a coach.

You get to meet biweekly throughout the program with a personal coach, and form a lasting, transparent relationship with a peer mentor. For many, the authentic relationships are the best part of the program!

Our training is based on the idea that "sustainable change comes from the inside out." When you develop the heart of a coach, when you've really gotten coaching values down inside you, the right words will flow out naturally. Great coaching is more than knowing coaching skills; it is becoming a coach from the inside out.

Real World.
Lifeforming uses an experiential training approach, rather than one that is classroom-centered. For instance, you'll learn about healthy accountability by being accountable and holding others accountable on real issues, not simply by reading a book about it. Actually doing the things you are hearing and learning about vastly increases retention—and confidence!